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We are a media company created to provide real-life entrepreneurial inspiration and promote businesses.

Inspire: We produce video content of business owners sharing their stories, personal experiences and knowledge in an interview setting. Our content is littered with invaluable information about the various aspects starting, running and growing a successful business.

Promote: We release content that presents value propositions in a refreshing way. Our content shows the human side to businesses and demonstrates social responsibility. Premium promotion includes solutions that enable businesses to enhance engagement with their customers.


Our inspirational content is aimed at people who currently are in business, aspire to go into business or are indifferent about whether business is for them.

We believe that every human being was created with gifts and those gifts are intended add value to another’s life.


services WE OFFER

Promotional videos

Communicate your value and story more effectively. Would you like your customers to see and hear what value you bring in a creative and professional way?

We will help you create high quality video content facilitates a connection with your customers. By taking time to carefully understand what your business desires to communicate to your customers, we are able to express that through effective promotional video footage.

Bio videos

Introduce yourself in more places at the same time

Our bio vids are high quality short videos simply introducing yourself. The people you would like to introduce yourself to can see and hear your even before they meet you in person.  We will make sure the picture is crisp and the sound clear to make that first impression be a positive and lasting memory in their mind.

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meet the team

Arnold Gangaidzo
Chiko Chupa
Obed Richman
Creative Director


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