5 reasons I use Canva for design work

Not all entrepreneurs are designers but almost all need some basic design capabilities. I am certainly not a designer but limited capital has meant that I have to do some designs by myself.

We live in a world where acquiring customers is predominantly done online. Our shop fronts are our websites, social media channels, online marketplaces, etc. It is important that our shopfronts are presentable, meaning we need some design to stand out.

I started using Canva about 3 years ago and it is been a brilliant tool for me. It has free and paid options; I have used the free option for the majority of the time.

 Here are 5 reasons I love using Canva.

1.      Easy to use. I tried to use other professional tools and even paid to go on a course to no avail. The professional tools like Photoshop are great for professional designers but it was too complicated for me. I was overwhelmed by all the bells and whittles. You do not need a design background to use Canva.

2.      Most of it is done for you. Canva has options for which platform or social media channel your design will be used on. I do not have to think about all the different requirements like dimensions for the channels. Canva takes care of that so I don’t lose my mind in settings before I even start designing.

3.      Canva has lots of free and premium stock pictures. In most cases, I do not have to go to google searching for picturesthat fit my design, they are all within Canva. All the pictures I have used in Canva are also high quality.

4.      There is a huge bank of templates to choose from or to be inspired by. I am not the most creative person when it comes to design. I know something is nice when I see it complete. I can use already designed templates and just tweak them to suit what I am trying to achieve.

5.      Canva is also available as a mobile app. I love that I can design content on my laptop, access it on my phone and download it straight away. The app is also easy to use which means I can do basic designs on my phone while I am on the go.

At the very least just try Canva out. 

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