7 Steps to take when editing with your smartphone

Free apps to get started

Inshot – this will allow you to carry out the editing steps except for subtitles

Canva – easy to create unique thumbnails and other types of graphics

Kapwing – generates subtitles and can help with other aspects of editing



1.      Dimensions determine the viewer’s experience

The video should be in landscape, but even if you have a portrait video, you can resize the video to fit the platform on which you are posting. Instagram posts are square (1:1), whereas Youtube is horizontal (16:9 or 1280×720). Facebook can show both dimensions, but horizontal is preferable.


2.      Keep it Trim – less is more, your viewer has given you their time and expects to receive value

Cut out the parts that do not add value. At the start or end of the video you may have a long gap, which you can trim. Maybe you noticed something within the video, which you do not want to keep and you want to take that out. Remember to make sure that the video still flows and makes sense to the viewer.


3.      Attract clicks with your title clickbait (Facebook and Instagram)

Put this at the top of your video and make it communicate your message in a few words. It is vital that you make the title grab the attention of your potential viewer. For example, ‘How to…’ or ‘The secret to…’ can trigger curiosity or resonate with the viewer.


4.      Cover all bases with subtitles (Facebook and Instagram)

When content is consumed in public spaces, unless the viewer has headphones or the ability to lip-read, subtitles will put your content at an advantage. The viewer will still be able to understand the message you are sharing without turning on the audio. Make sure to double and triple check your subtitles as mistakes are common with subtitles that are automatically generated.


5.      Enhance the experience with music (Youtube)

Videos that are longer than a minute can benefit from having background music but make sure this remains BACKGROUND music. You do not want the music distracting the viewer from your message, but instead, you want it to make them more receptive to you. Pick background music which you can repeat on future videos as your viewers will identify this with your brand.


6.      Thumbnails are your first impression (Youtube)

Before you click a video, you see the title and an image which represent that video. This image is called a thumbnail, and you want yours to stand out amongst others. Make it clear to see and easy to understand.


7.      Quality control – Process the video in the highest possible quality

      YouTube has several videos that are consumed at 4K (2160p) whereas this would be pointless for Instagram as it maxes out at HD (1080×1350).


Please let us know which step was most useful for you in the comments.

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