7 Tips for Using Facebook for Your Business

Facebook is not as trendy as TikTok or Instagram but you can certainly use it to build your business. Organic reach on Facebook is not as appealing as other platforms however, there is potential to build your brand through Facebook groups. We have experimented with our approach on Facebook and are finding that it is a great platform for building community. When you have a community, you are able to portray your business as trustworthy and people can connect with you in a deeper way.

  1. Set up a business page

This will enable you to have a home on Facebook where people can interact with you and find out about your services. Make sure that your contact details are filled in and post photos, videos and content that will be valuable to the person landing on your page. Your content should give people insight into your brand and values. Avoid flooding it with prices of products and services.

  1. Set up a Facebook group

What type of group will your target audience find useful? If you own a dog walking company you may want to set up a group to share advice on how best to care for dogs. Maybe suggesting diets for dogs or highlighting signs of an unsettled dog and how to handle that.

  1. Join other Facebook groups

Contribute in other Facebook groups and help people with questions they may be asking. The key is to get involved with groups in your industry and provide value. This way people become more aware of you and in time they may find themselves coming to your group. Avoid spamming the group and take time to think about what will help the people in the group.

  1. Post regularly

Post regularly on your page or in your Facebook group. If somebody visits your page or group for the first time, a lack of activity can deter them from staying. You can schedule posts on Facebook so use this to your advantage.

  1. Engage with your community

When comments and content is shared, make sure to engage by liking, sharing or replying with a comment. This will encourage people to post more in your group and it will build your relationships with others.

  1. Moderate your group

Make sure that members are keeping to the rules and nurture a welcoming environment within your group. You can ban individuals that are being rude and you can discourage members from posting irrelevant content. You want the group to benefit the members and new members are more likely to stay if the group activity matches up to their expectation.

  1. Visibility

Remember this is your group. The banner should be consistent with your brand and anyone that goes onto the group should start to identify with your brand. Make a welcome message and pin it to the top of the page and this will be the first message that members see on your page.


With Facebook groups, you become the host of the party and when people have a good time on your group, the natural response will be to invite others into your community.

Let us know which point you found most useful in the comments. 

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