Entrepreneur Tools – Trello (Planning, organisation and teamwork)

Trello is a fantastic tool that I have been using since 2017. I use Trello for planning, organisation and teamwork. I have been able to use Trello for business, my personal life and other activities.

The 3 main areas I have found Trello useful are outlined below:


Trello allows you to create cards within a list on a board. In these cards, you can add members, labels, checklists, due dates and attachments.

For each business task, I create a card, add a due date, add status with the labels function and break the task down further using the checklist function. Trello is useful for planning social media content. We mainly use three lists, raw content to be edited, content ready for publishing and scheduled content.

As personal development has become a massive part of my life, I use Trello cards to set goals. I describe my goal in the description section to ensure it is specific, measurable and achievable then add a due date to achieve it and break it down into a checklist if I need to. I also use cards for house shopping, planning dates with my wife and many other things.


Organisation is not one of my strengths which is why Trello is great for me. Trello allows me to create boards for every area of my life that needs to be organised.

In each board, I have lists that tell me what needs to be done and in what order. For example, in one of my business boards, I have lists titled objectives, potential clients, active clients, action list, completed actions, etc.

Trello makes it so easy to categorise items with its board and list functions. I no longer have one long list of random tasks and goals. I can go into a board and focus on the tasks in that board which makes me more productive.


Teamwork is critical to the success of any organisation. I have found Trello invaluable for teamwork. Trello allows me to use it for personal and business because I choose what people in my team can see.

After doing the hard work of planning and organisation, other members of the team can access that information straight away. You can allocate tasks to specific people including deadlines and see when the task has been completed. It is great for everyone to have visibility of what goals we are working toward and how others are doing.

Trello has been great for social media management because not all of our channels are managed by the same person. Everyone can see what content is available, scheduled to be released, and they can modify it for their channel. Trello’s teamwork functions also allow you to collaborate effectively with people in other organisations.

Trello has a free version and paid versions. I used the free version for a while and have now upgraded to the paid version because of how much it has increased my productivity.

Give Trello a try and let us know if you have found it as useful as we have. 

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